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Silber Studio Günther in Frankfurt/Main

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Silver for an attitude to life

Silber Studio Günther in Frankfurt has been around for 47 years. The parents of the current owner, Mrs Günther, founded the business. Mrs Günther herself and her brother have grown into the business from the very beginning. After the education of the two children, it was ultimately not a matter of taking over the business, but a matter of the heart for both of them to continue the shop, because for both of them silver has been part of table culture since their childhood. Even today, the children in their families are given silver cups and silver spoons to eat with from the very beginning. “It’s simply part of setting the table beautifully for everyone, because it creates a very special attitude to life.” The two want to pass on this attitude to life to their customers through their beautiful silver products.

In addition to their shop, the two siblings have also had an online shop for 20 years so that customers outside of Frankfurt can also buy their beautiful silver products. But telephone advice is also a matter of course for both of them, as they try to fulfil their customers’ every wish.

Customers have been able to buy Sonja Quandt Silbermanufaktur’s products there almost from the very beginning. Thanks to their many years of cooperation, a personal relationship has developed between the two companies, in which the customer takes centre stage.

Sonja Quandt Silberstudio Günther

Owner Utta Günther

Sonja Quandt Silberstudio Günther
Sonja Quandt Silberstudio Günther
Sonja Quandt Silberstudio Günther

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Berliner Str. 22, 60311 Frankfurt am Main