The silver manufactory

Since 1860, our silver manufactory stands for creativity, craftsmanship and outstanding quality.

Traditional craftsmanship

All products from our manufactory are handmade unique pieces.

Sonja Quandt Silver manufactory
Sonja Quandt Silver manufactory screen printing
Sonja Quandt Silver manufactory
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Every object in our collection is made in numerous 
individual working steps using inherited techniques.

Still today

the old traditions in the manufactory are kept with pride.

In the beginning there was the blow of the hammer: hammerscaling then developed techniques like soldering, gouilloching, chiselling, pouring, pressing and embossing. Since 1860 we are preserving these techniques. We are very proud of this.

Our history

Love & passion since 1860

In 1860 our silver manufactory was founded in Schwäbisch Gmünd. 
A beautiful place in the east of Baden-Wuerttemberg, with a special history.

How it all began…

Schwäbisch Gmünd was located on the trade route from East to West Europe. In the nineteenth century, it was a region where scythemakers practised their craft. When this trade experienced an economic downturn, their craftsmanship enabled them to produce silver cups, which were then sold to monasteries in Augsburg and other cities.

Thus the region became famous for its silversmiths – a reputation that continues to this day.

Sonja Quandt Silver manufactory Schwäbisch Gmünd

Schwäbisch Gmünd around 1860

Sonja Quandt Silver manufactory historic

It was at this time that the silver manufacturer Kühn was founded,
which still uses many of its original forms and tools to this day.

Would you like to look over the
shoulder of our silversmiths?

Manufactory tour

For groups from 5 people on, we offer exclusive tours in our manufactory.
Please contact us to get more details.