Novelties 2023 & 2024

Inspired by nature

We were once again creative in our designs and have broken new ground in the process.

Inspired by natural materials, the cheerful world of children and luxurious indulgence, our silversmiths have created impressive new products with perfect craftsmanship.

Luxurious indulgence

Discover luxurious indulgence with our exclusive oyster cabinets made from the finest silver, handcrafted with attention to detail. This elegant ensemble presents your oysters in an extraordinary way and, depending on the model, has space for 6-12 oysters.

Sonja Quandt Novelties Fine pate cutter

Our pâté cutter made of fine silver offers you a precise cutting experience. The cutter is available individually or as part of our exclusive set with a luxurious silver tray supporting a glass plate.

Shaped by nature

Our onyx bowls, made from genuine onyx stone and finished with silver, are real eye-catchers! Due to the special characteristics of the onyx stone, each bowl is unique. In addition, Sonja Quandt designs a special silver base for each bowl, which reflects and emphasises the characteristics of each bowl.

Sonja Quandt Novelties Onyx bowl
Sonja Quandt Novelties onyx bowl
Sonja Quandt Novelties onyx bowl

Glamourous bar highlights

Sonja Quandt Neuheiten Cocktailshaker
Sonja Quandt Novelties Ice bucket Waves
Sonja Quandt Novelties Beaker

Our latest additions to the collection offer everything you need for a first-class bar. From a striking hammered cocktail shaker to a stylish ice bucket to keep your drinks cool, our products set new standards in elegance. Our tumblers, decorated with or without a hammered finish, are also a perfect match. You can present your champagne bottles on an elegant stand.

Sonja Quandt Neuheiten Beaker
Sonja Quandt Novelties Champagne Stand

Sonja Quandt gave life to this collection by drawing inspiration from her personal past. In a magical dance through time, the “Legends” series reflects patterns and designs from past trend cycles. Timeless patterns and designs are celebrated here – an eternal touch of beauty and elegance: Legendary.
The collection includes a vase, a wine cooler, a jug and a whisky set consisting of a carafe and two glasses.

Special presentations

Among our new products you will find four unique bowls that will enrich any room. Two of them are made from ancient fossilised wood, which is thousands of years old. They are supported by silver feet that combine rustic charm with timeless sophistication.

The “Universe” bowl, a masterfully hand-blown creation on a gold-plated base, can be used in a variety of ways – whether with the gold-plated silver facing upwards or upside down with the hand-blown glass – either way, it is an absolute eye-catcher.

The “Flash” bowl, made of fine silver and skilfully decorated with a hammered finish, makes a glamorous statement.

Baby & child

Sonja Quandt Novelties children comb
Sonja Quandt Novelties curl box

This year we’re celebrating the little moments that create unforgettable memories for our little ones. Our exquisite new first hairs and teeth boxes preserve your baby’s precious moments with style and elegance and perfect for delicate heads and sensitive hair, we have developed our high quality baby brushes and combs.

Sonja Quandt Novelties children brush

Special gifts

Sonja Quandt Novelties business card holder
Sonja Quandt Novelties business card holder
Sonja Quandt Novelties money clip

Looking for the perfect gift? The elegant money clip and stylish business card holder made of high-quality silver make a wonderful gift for special occasions. These exquisite accessories are not only practical, but you can also personalise them with individual engravings. This makes them unforgettable everyday companions or exclusive gifts for your loved ones.

Shining silver products

A glamorous story...

Fridolin Quandtus the sponge and his friends Peter Schwab the glove and Miss Sku the cloth have a common mission: they want to make the world shine again and put a smile on people’s faces. People are often sad because their silver treasures have dark, black spots. They try scrubbing, using hand soap and even vinegar. But nothing helps, the stains remain. So the friends decide to use their superpowers to help the humans. They go into battle together to defeat the dark stains.

Silver care foam

The Fridolin Quandtus sponge comes to the rescue when stains offer strong resistance. Together with soap and clear water, it conjures up a miracle foam. The miracle foam displaces even the most stubborn stain

Sonja Quandt Novelties silver care foam
Sonja Quandt Silver care series Care foam Fridolin Quandtus
Sonja Quandt Silver care product care glove Peter Schwar
Sonja Quandt Novelties silver care glove

Silver care glove

The Peter Schwab glove unleashes its superpower with the help of a human hand. He polishes away every stain in an instant. His secret trick is that the hand has a good grip in Peter Schwab, so everything can be polished with ease. Peter Schwab has another superpower: he not only protects people’s silver treasures, but also their hands from getting wet and dirty.

Silver care cloth

The Miss Sku cloth removes stubborn stains from silver treasures. It does not need water or other help to unleash its superpower. Sku creates friction together with human hands; the stains don’t like this and disappear quickly.

Sonja Quandt Novelties silver care cloth
Sonja Quandt Silver care series Care cloth Miss Sku