Beautify your table with elegant silver.

Design your table with exceptional silver. Elegance, calm and classic design language characterize the pieces of the table collection. Here you will find an overview of all our silverware products.


With our silver, your bar will shine in new splendor! Impress yourself and your guests with drinks that are made and served with style.


Our silver beaker are not only masterpieces of craftsmanship, but also timeless products that will enhance your table decorations.

Bottle- & place plates

Silver bottle- and place plates are not only elegant table accessories, but also true statement pieces for sophisticated table decorations.

Bowls and baskets

Our silver bowls and baskets bring a special aura of elegance and luxury to your table setting. They are perfect for presenting food and bread.


Enjoy the start of every day with our high-quality silver products to make your morning ritual a special experience .


Our handmade silver caviar products are perfectly tailored to the presentation and enjoyment of caviar, making it a unique experience.


Enjoy the luxury of champagne with our products. They will turn your celebrations into unforgettable experiences.


Chandeliers create a warm and romantic atmosphere in any room. They are artfully designed to put the beauty of candles center stage.

Coffee and tea

Our silver products complement your morning coffee ritual or sociable afternoon tea with timeless beauty and quality.


Our etageres are attractive presentation options that put your delicacies center stage in a stylish way in your home.


Our jugs are functional vessels that are also masterpieces of craftsmanship. Their shiny and elegant design adds a sophisticated touch to any table setting.

Napkin rings

Silver napkin rings are the perfect accent on a table setting. Whether for festive occasions or everyday use – they add a touch of luxury.

Photo frames

From family portraits and wedding photos to snapshots from everyday life – your memories will become precious treasures in a silver frame.


Our cabarets are unique presentation options for oysters, caviar or tartare. Please contact our dealers for more information.


With their shiny and elegant design, they add a sophisticated touch to any occasion. Impress your guests when you serve delicacies on a silver platter.


Our vases are perfect for displaying flowers. With their shiny surface and delicate decorations, they add a luxurious atmosphere to any room.