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Passion meets family tradition

The Pro Table shop in Sankt Gallen has been adding a personal touch to cooking and table settings since the 1980s. Back then, Roman and Christine Wehrle took over a household goods shop in Weinfelden that had existed since 1876. In 1985, they opened the St. Gallen branch on Webergasse, and in 1988 they moved to their current premises at Neugasse 51 in St. Gallen’s old town.

The joy of table culture and the knack for hospitality have remained, but new trends and developments from the world of cookery and enjoyment have been added. In 2000, the Wehrles founded the cook + eat cookery school with the aim of providing customers not only with products, but also with plenty of ideas and know-how for using them in the kitchen. A place where cooking together is celebrated and customer relationships are strengthened.

Since 2019, junior manager Cyrill Wehrle has been bringing new ideas and impetus to the company as the next generation.

Sonja Quandt and Gebr. Kühn products have also been available at Pro Table for more than 25 years. The close and respectful partnership between Sonja Quandt and the Wehrle family is reflected in joint events such as cooking together or the in-house Olma trade fair supported by the silver manufacturer.

Sonja Quandt ProTable

From left to right Managing Director Roman Wehrle, Junior Managing Director Cyrill Wehrle and CFO Christine Wehrle

Sonja Quandt ProTable
Sonja Quandt ProTable
Sonja Quandt ProTable

Sonja Quandt mit ihrer Tochter zu Gast bei Pro Table

The Family

Roman Wehrle

Roman Wehrle grew up with fine dining as a child. This developed into a passion that he has now been sharing with his customers in his traditional shop Pro Table in St. Gallen for 35 years. He attaches particular importance to high-quality silver. What he appreciates about Sonja Quandt Silver is the flexibility and the ability to realise individual requests.

Favourite: Decanter

Sonja Quandt ProTable
Sonja Quandt ProTable

Christine Wehrle

Christine Wehrle has also been working in the family business in the old town of St. Gallen for 35 years. As CFO, Christine is basically responsible for the finances, but she also enjoys being active in sales. For her, silver is something special and vibrant. The caviar dish from Sonja Quandt Silver is one of Christine’s favourites, but she also loves the glass decanters and hunting cups.

Favourite: caviar bowl, hunting jug and water carafe

Cyrill Wehrle

Cyrill Wehrle grew up with his parents’ business and decided to join the family business in 2018. He says that the whole family loves and lives the traditional business in the old town of St. Gallen.

Silver has a special value for him; he describes it as a wow effect that he gets to experience again and again.

Favourite: Picnic set with Bauhaus cutlery and jug

Sonja Quandt ProTable


Sterling Silver

Based on an original design from 1930, the clear lines of the Bauhaus style (1919-1930) also reflect today’s zeitgeist.

Art. No:
Sterling silver 001.01, silver-plated 001.05
Sterling silver / gold-plated 001.20, silver-plated / gold-plated 001.25

004 Menu spoon
005 Menu fork
006 Menu knife
007 Dessert / starter spoon
008 Dessert / starter fork
009 Dessert/pre-course knife
144 Butter knife
021 Coffee spoon
023 Espresso spoon
010 Fish knife
011 Fish fork
012 Gourmet/sauce spoon
025 Cream/cup spoon
026 Sugar/ice cream spoon
027 Cake fork
028 Couvert knife
087 Steak knife
033 Vegetable spoon
034 Vegetable fork
035 Sauce spoon
036 Large serving spoon
037 Meat fork, large
048 Carving knife
049 Carving fork
052 Cake server
058 Cake knife
054 Soup ladle (Available are: Bauhaus, Art Nouveau, Deco Style, Spaten, Avantgarde & Baguette)

24-piece cutlery set
30-piece cutlery set


Sterling Silver

Champagnerkelch „Flash” mit Hammerschlag
Champagne coupe “Flash”, hammered

sterling silver

silver plated

Höhe, height
24,0 cm, 0,2 l

Champagnerkelch „Enjoy”
Champagne coupe “Enjoy”

sterling silver

silver plated

Höhe, height
24,0 cm, 0,2 l

Champagnerschale „Passion” mit Hammerschlag und Innenvergoldung
Champagne coupe “Passion”, hammered, gilded inside

sterling silver

silver plated

Höhe, height
13,0 cm, 0,1 l

Champagnerschale „Passion” mit Hammerschlag
Champagne coupe “Passion”, hammered

sterling silver

silver plated

Höhe, height
13,0 cm, 0,1 l


Sterling Silver

Dekanter „Tavola”
Decanter “Tavola”

in 4 Größen erhältlich
available in 4 sizes

Art. Nr.: 365755, 365757, 365758, 365759
Inhalt/content 0,1 l, 0,25 l, 0,5 l, 0,75 l

Dekanter „Avantgarde”
Decanter “Avantgarde”

Art. Nr.: 365071
Inhalt/content 1,5 l

in 2 Größen erhältlich
available in 2 sizes

Dekanter „Rene”
Decanter “Rene”

Art. Nr.: 365600
Inhalt/content 1,0 l

Children cutlery

Sterling Silver

Art. No:
Sterling silver 008.01, silver-plated 008.05
Sterling silver / gold-plated 008.20, silver-plated / gold-plated 008.25

014 Children’s spoon “Avantgarde”
015 Children’s fork “Avantgarde”
016 Children’s knife “Avantgarde”
021 Small children’s spoon “Avantgarde”

Children’s cutlery “Avantgarde” without engraving, 3 pcs.
Art. No.: 119199
15.5 cm Fork/spoon
17.0 cm Knife

Children’s spoon “Avantgarde”
008.01.014 Sterling silver, silver-plated 008.05.014
Children’s fork “Avantgarde”
008.01.015 Sterling silver, silver-plated 008.05.015

Children’s knife “Avantgarde”
008.01.016 Sterling silver, silver-plated 008.05.016

Small children’s spoon “Avantgarde”
008.01.021 Sterling silver, silver-plated 008.05.021

Children’s cutlery “Teddy”, 3 pcs.
Art. No.: 119200
15.5 cm fork/spoon
17.0 cm knife

Children’s cutlery “Daisy”, 3 pcs.
Art. No.: 119201
15.5 cm fork/spoon
17.0 cm knife

Hunting cutlery

Sterling Silver

Carving knife “Hunting”
010.01.048 sterling silver, 010.05.048 silver-plated
Length 27.0 cm

Carving fork “Hunting”
010.01.049 Sterling silver, 010.05.049 silver-plated
Length 22.9 cm

Steak knife “Hunting”
010.01.087 sterling silver, 010.05.087 silver-plated
Length 23.0 cm

Candlestick "Antlers"

Sterling Silver

Jeder Leuchter ist ein Unikat.
Art. Nr.: J141000

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