Bocuse d'Or

Sonja Quandt at Bocuse d'Or Germany 2023

October of 2023, we were an important part of Bocuse d’Or Germany 2023 at the Palmengarten in Frankfurt.

This special event brought together Germany’s top chefs for a competition at a high class level. As a proud sponsor and partner of this exclusive event, we presented our excellent silver designs and the result of our collaboration with the talented participant Julian Lechner, sous chef at Oesch Noir. Together, we designed a presentation tray with silver elements, which was used for the presentation of the meat course and with which Julian Lechner won a proud second place. We look forward to working with the winner, Marvin Böhm, to create another presentation tray for Bocuse d’Or Europe in Trondheim 2024.

This exclusive event is a highlight for all lovers of Michelin-starred cuisine and we are proud to have been an important part of the Bocuse d’Or family for many years.