The Big 5

Enjoy wilderness

Roaming through the untouched wilderness in the early morning, a beautiful day in nature, the sound of the hunting horn in the distance, a sip of schnapps from a silver goblet, winding down comfortably in the evening after a successful day…

Sonja Quandt Big 5 Lion

The king of the animals

As king of the animals, the lion made of 925 sterling silver is enthroned at the top of our carafe. Made of lead crystal and engraved with masterful craftsmanship, it stands for the richness and diversity of the animal world on our planet.
Sonja Quandt Big 5 Lion silver figure
Sonja Quandt Big 5 Carafe engraving
Whisky Carafe and Whisky Glasses Set – Crystal Glass with Handmade Engravings of the impressive Big 5